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With decades of operational experience behind us Capital Aviation has the know how for your business to take off.


Capital Aviation can provide you the flexibility you need achieve your business or personal goals in an everchanging environment.

What we do

Capital Aviation offer a range of services including aircraft sales and management.  With decades of diverse and specialists experience in aviation and finance we offer a full suite of services.  Including, sales, leasing, aviation consulting, aircraft and asset management as well as finance and investment services.


If you are looking at buying your first aircraft for business, pleasure or even as an investment we can assist.  From selecting the right type to suit your needs, pre-purchase inspections right through to delivery, we have you covered.

Wanting to sell your aircraft, we offer remarketing services and have experience selling all types, from single engine warbirds to wide body airliners.  We will take the stress out of selling your aircraft.

Flexibility is key to structuring a lease. It allows you to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment.  From vintage aircraft to modern airliners and beyond Capital Aviation can provide you with the flexibility you need to make sure the resources are available to you when you need them. We strive to provide you with flexible and reliable aircraft leasing options that not only meet your current needs but are adaptable enough to meet your future needs as well.

While we offer many different aircraft leasing options we believe in flexible turnkey solutions that add value to our customer’s short term and long term needs.  That is why the primary aircraft lease vehicle for most clients is our Operating Leases, whereby we provide the complete solution to your aviation needs, providing not only the continued maintenance of your aircraft but the flexibility of multiple end of lease options including the availability to purchase the aircraft at the end of its lease.

Capital Aviation provides specialty aviation and finance consultancy services to a wide range of clients, including private pilots looking to buy a new aircraft, through to governments and national airlines.  We are independent of any financial institutions, manufacturers or suppliers and will work with your best interest front and centre.

With deep understanding of the industry and a solid base of a broad and comprehensive knowledge, our staff provide an excellent experience-based consulting service. Thus, we can deliver to you consulting services that are second to none and an understanding of how our industry works that is vital to your success.  All of our employees come from aviation backgrounds and understand everything from fleet planning to portfolio and risk management, aviation market analysis as well as asset and corporate finance.  We are there every step of the way.

Understanding your objectives, not just the assets, is key to successful asset management.  Capital Aviation understands how to maximise your ownership experience and will work with you and offer a bespoke management service in order to meet and exceed your ownership ambitions.

Stability and dependability is the cornerstone of the Capital Aviation commitment to excellence. Through our consultative approach we provide a wide variety of funding structures, sources and financiers to meet many varied requirements and financial needs.

While the majority of our clients choose to lease their aircraft, Capital Aviation stands ready to provide on demand financing through our vast relationships with multiple lenders and financial institutions.  With standing relationships with the manufacturers no aircraft is too big or too fast for our finance team to find a way to help you.

Many are not aware of aircraft investment opportunities, however in recent years private equity and the capital markets have entered the aircraft finance market.   Aircraft Leases provide fixed incomes for long periods, providing stable returns which are not dependant on greater market forces. The assets are maintained by the lessee during the lease, and are subject to a strict regulatory environment which serves to protect the value of the asset. This in turn enables us to accurately predict future values and forecast long term returns.

Capital Aviation offers worldwide support for aircraft inspections and valuations. With a team of ISTAT and ASA accredited appraisers and qualified aircraft surveyors worldwide. From heavy jet airliners, regional aircraft, corporate jet to helicopters we can support your project.

Twin Otter Services

As the regional representative for AEVEX aerospace, Capital Aviation offers a range of services for DHC6 Twin Otters in addition to sales and leasing.  With the “HG” upgrade to 14,000lbs MTOW, your CFO will love the aircraft as much as the pilots.  Nothing can compete with the Twin Otter on routes requiring a STOL aircraft and with the “HG” STC, the best aircraft just got better.  Find out more about our Twin Otter services

Next Step

If you are interested in discussing any of these services, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your business goals.


  • DHC6 Twin Otter sale
  • B200 King Air Sale
  • Jetstream 32 sale and leaseback
  • DHC6 Twin Otter sale with lease attached
  • DHC6 Twin Otter fleet sale and leaseback
  • Citation V Ultra purchase and delivery
  • Airbus A380 sale with lease attached
  • B777 sale with lease attached
  • Consulting institutional investors on strategy and risk
  • PDP finance on a fleet of Boeing aircraft
  • Debt finance secured by Boeing aircraft
  • A330 acquisition with lease attached
  • B777 sale with lease attached
  • Consulting to Government on national airline
  • Hawker Business Jet purchase and delivery
  • B200 King Air, sale and delivery from Aus to USA.
  • Sale and delivery of various GA aircraft
  • $6 bn in total transactions
  • $120m equity raised
  • $800m debt placed
  • 50+ aircraft transactions

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