Stability, Understanding and Flexibility

Capital Aviation is a boutique aviation advisory and management company. Whilst our charter of objectives is conventional, our methodology is focused more on the client and their needs. Because of this, we are more flexible and this affords us the ability to perform and transact unique commercial arrangements within this market.

Formed in 2011, its founders, having earned the respect of the industry, applied their expertise to develop a specialist aviation company. We are in tune with the market and provide relevant and up to date advice. Our services include aviation consultancy and management to airlines, governments, investors. In addition to providing turn-key solutions for institutions to private pilots looking at buying their first aircraft.      

Capital Aviation was started so its founders could offer their unique expertise and deliver expert services to a wider audience. Through our services we advise clients on all types of aircraft transactions. Such as, aircraft selection, pre-purchase inspections, maintenance, and training.  All tailored to provide solid and relevant solutions to move our clients towards their goals. Contact us to see how we can help you today.